Product DescriptionsCCD detection equipment for automobile engine high pressure oil pump outlet joint is an on-line inspection equipment designed for the automotive engine industry to ensure joint quality. It is mainly used to detect unqualified products (scratches, bumps) produced in the production of high pressure oil pump outlet joints, thereby ensuring the yield rate and qualified rate of the door panel. The system is equipped with high-performance German industrial cameras, high-resolution telecentric lenses and professional lighting systems. Multiple sets of fixtures are designed to be compatible with the products which have different heights, shapes and diameters. The whole cone surface is rotated by a rotating mechanism and photographed. An efficient image automatic detection software is developed for the cone surface detection,which has fast detection speed, good stability and high reliability. 
Value PropositionIt has efficient and reliable fixture positioning, and different types of fixtures are designed for different types of products to support for compatibility. High-precision electric cylinders are used to drive the product to rotate, which has a good rotation concentricit. The system can also determine whether the product is mixed. The new structure is flexible and easy to operate, which can be employed universally.
Technical Parameter
Vision hardware configuration (can be customized): 200W color industrial camera, high precision telecentric lens, coaxial light source, etc..
Software module: VC architecture design and development.
Maximum detection range:0.3mm~5mm
Frequency of detection:11Times / sec
Apparent size of machine:2000mm*1800mm*1700mm
Weight of machine:500KG
Detection Effect

There is no flaw on the cone

There is flaw on the cone