Product DescriptionsDetection equipment for automobile door panel is an on-line inspection device designed to prevent misassembly and leakage during the assembly process of the automobile door panel. During the assembly process, there are many small parts need to be installed in the specific position. Vision detection ensures that all of these parts which can be seen with human eyes are free from misplacement and leakage, thereby ensuring the yield rate and qualified rate of the door panel. It is also an essential error-proof equipment for the door assembly station with fast detection speed and high detection accuracy. This equipment is equipped with high-performance industrial camera, high-resolution industrial lens and professional lighting system. An efficient image automatic detection software also has been developed for the error-proof and leak-proof detection of the door panel, which has fast detection speed, good stability and high reliability.
Value PropositionThe system uses custom high-precision fixtures, which are extremely versatile and suitable for many types of door panels. The detection area is divided for the position of the door assembly components, and the software can determine the slight positioning deviation and accurately calibrate to the part mounting point for detection. The system is flexible, versatile and easy to operate.
Technical Parameter
Vision hardware configuration (can be customized): 500W color industrial camera, industrial high-definition lens, high-brightness LED light source, etc..
Software module: VC architecture design and development, standard image algorithm with strong ability to analyze automotive electronics.
Maximum detection range:160mm*120mm
Frequency of detection:5 Times / sec
Apparent size of machine:153mm*124mm*92mm
Weight of machine:2 KG
Detection Effect

                                 (1-a)White nail OK                                          (1-b) Side impact bracket NG
(2-a) trim board material                               (2-b)Black nail 

(3-a)Sponge                                                      (3-b) Door handle

                               (4-a) White nail                                                  (4-b)Leather