Product Descriptions:Automatic detection system for auto connector is equipped with high-resolution industrial color camera, industrial lens and suitable light source. It has the characteristics of high real-time performance, fast detection speed, robust stability, strong adaptability and reasonable structure. It mainly detects whether the auto connector soldering has any defects such as leakage welding, virtual welding, continuous welding, and welding deviation. It can greatly replace manual visual detection. At the time of detection, using the motion module drives the product to the inspection position, which can improve the detection efficiency. 
Value PropositionEfficiently and reliably locate the position of solder joints, then through the relevant vision detection to analyze whether there is a undesirable phenomenon which is not expected by the customer,and then the corresponding information will be reported. It is not only an independent research and development with new structure, 
but also possesses flexibility, which is easy to operate and can be employed universally .
Technical Parameter
Vision hardware configuration (can be customized): 500W color industrial camera, industrial high-definition lens, high-brightness LED light source, etc..
Software module: VC architecture design and development, standard image algorithm with strong ability to analyze automotive electronics.
Maximum detection range:160mm*120mm
Frequency of detection:5 Times / sec
Apparent size of machine:153mm*124mm*92mm
Weight of machine:2 KG
Detection Effect

                          (1-a) User interface                                              (1-b) User interface for waiting

                            (2-a) Product photo                                            (2-b) Product photo